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How to Redeem your Downloadable Services.

DIGIDOWN1.COM is a redemption hub for Music Downloads, E-Books and Astrology service Gift Certificates purchased from our  DIGIDOWN1 HUB retail locations. We do not sell music, E-Books or our Astrology services on this website, only via our retail kiosks located at our retail locations. 

Our retail locations and our purchase kiosks are nationwide.

If you are redeeming your purchase from one of our retail kiosks the process is simple.

1. Pick the downloadable service(s) you would like to redeem.

2. Preview the service(s) and add them to the cart.

3. Enter the Gift Certificate code(s) shown on your receipts on the shopping cart summary page.

4. Proceed to checkout.

Elixir Z Management LLC operates this website under a license agreement. This website is wholly owned and operated by Elixir Z Management LLC.

We support publishers and artists all around the world and we are proud to be part of the digital revolution. Purchase at our retail locations and help keep the revolution alive!